David Hummon (1969)

Sociology and Anthropology-College of the Holy Cross

Since leaving Berkeley, I have worked at Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts, a liberal arts college in the Jesuit tradition. Much of my energy has been devoted to teaching, offering courses in community, the sociology of place, American Studies, and more recently the sociology of childhood and issues of identity and self. My research agenda has also evolved, with time out for administration and other service at various points of my career. The last decade, I have done work on the sociology of culture, ranging from studies of the representation of the biblical image of Jacob's Ladder in American culture to a sociological biography of a nineteenth-century, Irish-Catholic couple, who appear in miniature portraits, painted in Boston, in the 1820s. I am currently thinking about retiring, though I have made no decision to do so. On a more personal front, the decades have been good to me: Pat and I have raised our family, and our two sons are now well along to defining lives of their own in Colorado and California. I would enjoy hearing from former classmates via e-mail or otherwise.

Dissertation Title
Community Ideology: Popular Interpretations of Urban, Suburban and Small Time Life.
Dissertation Book Title
Commonplaces : community ideology and identity in American culture
Albany, N.Y.