Eliezer Rosenstein (1964)

Former Head of Industrial Management, Technion University, Israel

Obituary of Eliezer Rosenstein taken from Publication of Technion University

Eliezer Rosenstein was born in Israel (Palestine), was married to Yehudit and had one son. As a young man he participated in youth movement activities and in the Hagana, and fought during the War of Independence in the Gallil. After completing his B.A. studies he served as personal secretary to the Minister of Education, and with the completion of his M.A., he became Personnel Director of an industrial enterprise. This professional experience served him well when he joined the staff of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technion as a Research Associate in 1961. He advanced through the academic ranks, and was promoted to Full Professor in 1986.

Eliezer Rosenstein was intensively involved in establishing the Area of Behavioral Sciences and Management at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, and especially in the field of Labor Relations and Human Resource Management. In these fields, he guided about twenty graduate students in their M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses. Eliezer Rosenstein published extensively in the professional literature, focusing primarily on issues of participation, manpower management, industrial democracy, quality of work life, and labor relations. In these fields he was recognized internationally. He had particular interests in the maritime industry, and was involved in the benchmarking study of Israeli maritime manpower.

His professional expertise also came to expression in numerous consulting activities in the Israeli industry and in membership in various public committees.

Eliezer Rosenstein filled most of the administrative positions at the faculty, such as Head of the Graduate Committee, Associate Dean of Research, Head of the Behavioral Sciences and Management Area, and of the Industrial Management Area. He also served on major Technion-wide committees. Professionally he was highly active in the Industrial Relations Research Association of Israel, where he served as President during 1984-1986. He was a member of the Management Board of the Israeli Management Center and the Israeli Sociological Association.

Beyond his academic activities, Eliezer had wide cultural interests, loved art and literature. These contributed to his well-rounded, knowledgeable personality.

At the faculty, his integrity, human understanding, and commitment, made him a highly valued colleague, whose advice, support and negotiating skills were invaluable.

His premature death due to a long-lasting disease is deeply mourned by all who knew him.

Dissertation Title
Ideology and Practice of Workers' Participation in Management: Experience in Israel, Yugoslavia and England