Jaren R. Haber

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Research Interests: 
Organizations, Education, Social Psychology, Computational Text Analysis
483 Barrows
Curriculum Vitae: 

Jaren has a background in engineering, cultural anthropology, and mental health, and as a result he enjoys taking things apart as well as putting them back together. In addition to being an award-winning educator, as a sociologist he is methodologically facile with broad interests in education, organizations, and social psychology. He is still celebrating the acceptance of his first publication, which was once his Spring 2013 Master’s thesis, entitled “Institutionalized Involvement: Teams & Stress in 1990s US Steel”. This article (published Oct. ‘16 in Industrial Relations) demonstrates that organizational culture conditions the effects of formal employee involvement practices on worker outcomes. Jaren is now working on his dissertation research: a text-analytic and statistical exploration of the performance effects and political contingencies of ideological differentiation in the charter school sector. He expects to find that charters’ differentiation reflects how the dominant institutional order of accountability privileges charter schools aligned with the essentialist paradigm, showing how educational policy may dampen innovation in the charter sector.