Jaren R. Haber

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Jaren R. Haber

Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests
Organizations, Education, Computational Text Analysis, School Choice, Stratification, Quantitative Methods

I’m a computational social scientist, project and community leader, and award-winning educator. I’m passionate about helping others and creating positive social impact through rigorous, reproducible research that influences policy.

My research applies computational methods to study how organizational contexts shape the impacts of structural inequalities. I analyze the ways organizational cultures, identities, and structures mediate and reinforce societal inequalities in locally embedded ways.

As someone dedicated to data science community and education, I also co-coordinate the D-Lab’s Computational Text Analysis Working Group and the Text Across Domains (TextXD) symposium at UC Berkeley as well as the upcoming Summer Institute for Computational Social Science in the San Francisco Bay Area (BAY-SICSS).

PhD Date:
Dissertation Title
Sorting Schools: A Computational Analysis of Charter School Identities and Stratification
Dissertation Committee
Heather Haveman
Samuel R. Lucas
Calvin Morrill