Jose Martin Aveldanes

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Research Interests: 
Family, Population Health, Quantitative Methods, Sexuality, Social Demography, Stratification and Inequality
Curriculum Vitae: 

I am currently a first-year PhD student in Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Sociology from the University of South Carolina, where I received training in quantitative methodology; During my time at South Carolina, I co-authored an article with Drs. Carla Pfeffer and Jennifer Augustine in Population Review on the amount of time same-sex couples with children spend in activities related to health and well-being. I am broadly interested in stratification and inequality within the context of contemporary American families and under that umbrella my research spans three substantive areas: same-sex couples and their population-level outcomes (e.g., marriage, education, health), the intergenerational transmission of advantage (and disadvantage) within immigrant families, and how the social and biological interact to produce outcomes in the life course.