Heidi Tarver (1986)


I don't think my bio would be quite what you are looking for - no teaching or research, no shaping as a sociologist, and as to how sociology shapes the world, well, I'm not sure it does that much. I'm working as an artist, raising my children, and living pretty happily most of the time. Sociology seems kinda like ancient history to me, but not bad history, just not that relevant toi my life in the here and now.

My work has grown over the years out of a deep interest in ornamentation; how ornament has evolved in and across cultures, its usage in functional and decorative art, and the psychological function of ornamentation in modern as well as premodern culture. I have worked with ornament in the context of textile art, sculpture and, more recently, mixed media works onm paper and furniture art.

Dissertation Title
Words of War: The Persian Gulf Crisis and American Public Discourse