Russell Jeung (1991)

Asian American Studies, San Francisco State University

Since graduating, I taught Sociology at Foothill College for two years. I am now an Asst. Professor in the Asian American Studies Dept. of San Francisco State University My dissertation research, New Asian American Churches: The Religious Construction of Race, will be published by Rutgers University Press.

Sociology at U.C. Berkeley not only taught me to see the world with more analytic rigor, but it provided models for social change. As a result, while in grad school, I helped organize tenants to win a major housing legal settlement in East Oakland. The former slum where we lived will be redeveloped as permanent affordable housing in 2004 and the Cambodian and Latino residents will also get a new preschool and community center. I'm grateful that the Sociology Department provided me the time and flexibility to both organize and write my dissertation!

Dissertation Title
Emerging Asian American Pan-Ethnic Congregations: The Religious Construction of Symbolic Racial Identity
Dissertation Book Title
Faithful Generations: race and new Asian American churches
Present Location
San Francisco State University