WESLEY LONGHOFER. Institutional Origins of Global Philanthropy

Blumer Room - 402 Barrows Hall

Social scientists have long been interested in the origins of generosity, altruism, and compassion in society. However, a relative handful of studies have looked at the effects of social context on organized charitable activity, particularly from a cross-national perspective. This talk will introduce an ongoing study examining the effects of global and domestic institutions on charitable activity among individuals and organizations in a large number of countries. I situate philanthropic and charitable activity in what world polity scholars have called a ‘global moral order’ that champions virtue and positions voluntary associations, including foundations and charities, as legitimate actors for solving global problems. Results from the study find that models of charitable activity are structured in world society.

Wesley Longhofer is an Assistant Professor of Organization and Management in the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. His research on civic associations and environmental protection has been published in the American Sociological Review, American Journal of Sociology, and the International Journal of Comparative Sociology. His current research projects examine the structuration of global philanthropy, the organizational dynamics of climate change, and the global diffusion of abortion laws.