Manuel Rosaldo (2010)

Research Interests: 
social movements, economic development, informal workers, Latin Americ

Cyrus Dioun (2010)

Research Interests:  Organizational Theory, Economic Sociology, Computational Methods, Organizational Stigma, Law and Society, Social Movements

Benjamin Shestakofsky (2010)

Benjamin Shestakofsky examines how digital technologies are affecting work and employment, organizations, and economic exchange. Benjamin is a 2016-2018 Scholars Strategy Network Graduate Fellow, and his research is supported by the Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy and the UC Berkeley Institute for Research on Labor and Employment. In 2016, Benjamin received the James D.

Joy Hightower (2010)

Joy L. Hightower recently completed her PhD at UC Berkeley. Her academic grounding in theory and social science research combined with a zest for social justice instilled in her as an undergraduate at Spelman College not only drive her work in the D & I space, but have helped to define her approach.

Orestes Hastings (2010)

My current work broadly explores how economic inequalities become social inequalities. In recent projects I have investigated income inequality’s effects on class divides in parenting and housework, on household moving and indebteness, and on people's trust and financial satisfaction: how economic shocks affect marriage and fertility; the role of religion and spirituality in social connectedness; and the reliability of survey questions. I teach graduate and undergraduate courses on research design and quantitative methods.


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