Joshua David Seim (2011)

Research Specialties: Inequality/poverty, medical, punishment, labor, urban, social theory

Shelly Steward (2011)

Shelly’s research examines people’s moral understandings of their economic positions, and how they play out in everyday life. She is particularly interested in how workplaces and labor relations are changing in flexible capitalism. Her dissertation examines how people construct moral narratives to make sense of workplace insecurity, through a comparison of the oil and gas and tech industries.

Daniela Carrillo ([node:field-cohort])

Daniela Carrillo is originally from Chicago Heights, IL, and graduated with a BA in Sociology and French Literature from Pomona College in 2010. For her Master’s research, she analyzed the Trajectories and Origins survey in France, and she found that exclusion, and more specifically religious exclusion, hinders citizenship behavior.

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