Ricarda Hammer

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Ricarda Hammer

Assistant Professor
Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests
Anticolonial Politics, Empire, Racism, Global and Transnational Sociology, Historical Sociology, Social Theory
Representative Publications

Hammer, Ricarda, & Park, Tina. M. (2021). The Ghost in the Algorithm: Racial Colonial Capitalism and the Digital Age. In Global Historical Sociology of Race and Racism (pp. 221-249).

Hammer, Ricarda. (2020). Decolonizing the Civil Sphere: The Politics of Difference, Imperial Erasures, and Theorizing from HistorySociological Theory38(2), 101-121.

Hammer, Ricarda, & White, Alexandre. I. (2019). Toward a Sociology of Colonial Subjectivity: Political Agency in Haiti and LiberiaSociology of Race and Ethnicity5(2), 215-228.

Hammer, Ricarda. (2018). Bringing the Global Home: Students Research Local areas through Postcolonial PerspectivesTeaching Sociology46(2), 135-147.

Hammer, Ricarda. (2017). Epistemic Ruptures: History, Practice, and the Anticolonial Imagination. In International Origins of Social and Political Theory (Vol. 32, pp. 153-180).