Martin Eiermann

Martin Eiermann

Research Interests
social movements, political sociology, cultural sociology, social theory

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at UC Berkeley. I also hold a BA in History from Harvard University and a MSc in Human Rights Studies from the London School of Economics. Prior to coming to Berkeley, I worked in Berlin and London as Managing Editor and Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the political magazine The European. I continue to serve as Editor at Large for The European, and as one of the editors of the Berkeley Journal of Sociology.

I am currently pursuing three research projects: One examines the link between organizational structures, legitimations of authority, and sustainability of interpersonal networks within decentralized social movements. It seeks to make three distinct contributions to the scholarship of collective action: First, it aims to supply in-depth empirical evidence about collective action in the 21st century. Too often in recent years, movements have been over-conceptualized yet under-studied. Second, it adjudicates between competing arguments about the "newness" of new social movements. Third, it charts a methodological path for the study of movement networks using a mixed qualitative/quantitative approach. 

My other two projects are in their early conceptual stages. The first one focuses on the rise of "resilience" as a concept within sociology and across disciplinary sub-fields. The second project examines the genesis of modern conceptions of privacy in 19th century America. It aims to bring into conversation political sociology, economic sociology, cultural sociology, sociology of law, and science and technology studies. 

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