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Skyler Wang

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Research Interests
Technology, Sharing Economy, Economic Sociology, Online Dating, Culture, Gender

An economic and cultural sociologist by training, Skyler uses interviews, international fieldwork, and digital ethnographies to investigate whether technologies designed to improve our day-to-day lives meet their moral commitments by honing in on user experiences. More specifically, his dissertation explores how monetary and gifting structures in the sharing economy shape ethical and social exchange between users. His secondary project uses online dating as a case study to examine the technocultural strategies people deploy to achieve goals when they “don’t understand” algorithms. Skyler's research has been featured in journals such as Sociological Perspectives, Sex Roles and media outlets such as the NPR (Morning Edition, All Things Considered), San Francisco Chronicle, Quartz, GQ, Vox, Mashable, HuffPost, and USA Today. He is a fellow of the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada and as of March 2022, a Visiting Sociologist at Meta AI.


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Mukherjee, Meghna, Margaret Eby, Skyler Wang, Armando Lara-Millán, and Maya Earle. “Medicalizing Risk: How Experts and Consumers Manage Uncertainty in Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Health Testing.” (R&R at PLOS One)

Babcock, Nicole, Jose Mauricio, Skyler Wang, Ryan J. Watson, and Shannon D. Snapp. “How LGBTQ+ Young Adults Navigate Personal Risk in App-Based Hookups: The Safety Spectrum Theory.” (under review at Archives of Sexual Behavior)