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Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests
Technology, AI, Economic Sociology, Culture, Sexualities

An economic and digital sociologist by training, Skyler uses interviews, international fieldwork, and digital ethnographies to investigate whether technologies designed to improve our day-to-day lives meet their moral commitments by honing in on user experiences. More specifically, his dissertation explores how monetary and gifting structures in the sharing economy shape ethical and social exchange between users. As a Visiting Sociologist at Meta AI, Skyler develops scalable machine translation models focusing on low-resource languages. Skyler's research has been featured in journals such as Sociological Perspectives, PLoS ONE, Sex Roles and media outlets such as the NPR (Morning Edition, All Things Considered), San Francisco Chronicle, Quartz, GQ, Vox, Mashable, HuffPost, and USA Today. He is a fellow of the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada.


Wang, Skyler. “Couch with Strings Attached: Reciprocal Orientations in Relational Work.” (revise and resubmit at American Sociological Review)

Wang, Skyler. “How Platform Exchange and Safeguards Matter: The Case of Sexual Risk and Trust in Airbnb and Couchsurfing.” (revise and resubmit at Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing—CSCW)

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Wang, Skyler*, Ned Cooper*, Margaret Eby, and Eun Seo Jo. “From Human-Centered to Social-Centered Artificial Intelligence: Assessing ChatGPT’s Impact through Disruptive Events.” arXiv:2306.00227 (*equal authorship; under review at Big Data & Society)

Wang, Skyler. 2022. “Migrant Allies & Sexual Remittances: How International Students Change the Sexual Attitudes of Those Who Remain Behind.” Sociological Perspectives 65(2) 328–349.

Watson, Ryan J., Shannon D. Snapp,* and Skyler Wang.* 2017. “What We Know and Where We Go from Here: A Review of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youth Hookup Literature.” Sex Roles 77(11-12):801-811. (*equal authorship)

Wang, Skyler, Ned Cooper, Margaret Eby, and Eun Seo Jo. 2023. “From Human-Centered to Social-Centered Artificial Intelligence: Assessing ChatGPT’s Impact through Disruptive Events.” (under review at Big Data & Society)

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Dissertation Title
Social Reconfigurations: How Digital Platforms and Artificial Intelligence Shape Modern Relationships
Dissertation Committee
Marion Fourcade (chair), Ann Swidler, Eliza Brown, Cal Morrill