Latin@ Sociology Association (L.S.A.)

We are Latin@ because we reject the gender binary and embrace an all-inclusive space for all to develop. In doing so, we reject conforming to dominant forms of understandings that do not advance the conditions of historically and contemporary people of color and other marginalized groups.

We are Sociological because regardless of discipline, we believe in sociological approaches to perceiving society. In doing so, we understand that through critical, sociological thought, all fields of study can gain a holistic insight; therefore, placing civil society before any individual or class.

We are an Association because we believe in collaborative relationships between individuals and organizations that can and should yield positive social change. In doing so, we intend to learn, teach, confront, engage, construct, deconstruct, and relearn through our social relations with each other and the rest of society.

Our organization is not run by officers or chairs, we are organized and facilitated by coordinators. We are non-hierarchical because we believe in the equal, democratic representation of all opinions, suggestions and ideas. We fully embrace and promote critical understandings of the world around use. We are open and welcoming to all UC Berkeley students, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, class, ability, or area of study. We insist on collaborative efforts between all of our members and other like-minded organizations. By doing so, we attempt to embrace and reinvent social, cultural traditions in order to breakdown static hierarchies that do not allow for more engaged and mobile membership. Overall, we seek to create a sense of community, and instill a strong dedication to the pursuit of sociological mindfulness that reaches across disciplines and into our communities.