Meghna Mukherjee Develops a Program Addressing Research Skill Inequality among Undergraduate Students.


Meghna Mukherjee, a sociology Ph.D. candidate, explores how emerging reproductive and genetic technologies mirror societal inequalities. In 2020, she played a key role in launching the Social Science Research Pathways (SSRP) program at the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment. This program aims to equip undergraduate students with research skills, provide mentorship, and simultaneously assist graduate students with their research requirements in a more equitable manner.

This program was birthed through her findings after speaking with undergraduate students who expressed a keen interest in gaining research experience, but encountered difficulties securing positions. A common theme emerged - they faced repeated rejections due to a lack of prior experience or close faculty connections. This raised questions about the expectations for undergraduates to already possess research experience. These conversations highlighted the systemic nature of this issue, prompting her to consider ways to create more equitable research opportunities.

Below Meghna discusses the program's inception and its intended objectives during her conversation with IRLE. - the spotlight feature - Meghna's IRLE 'profile' - the recent IRLE newsletter including the feature - the SSRP program page


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