MICHAEL HOUT, MARGARET WEIR & IRENE BLOEMRAAD. Looking Beyond the Election: The Shape of America's Future

Blumer Room - 402 Barrows Hall

“Looking Beyond the Election: The Shape of America’s Future”

This is the first in an occasional series of panels exploring factors shaping American society–and global society–now and in the future.

The first panel includes distinguished faculty from Berkeley’s Department of Sociology discussing the implications of widening inequality, political stalemate, and growing diversity.

  • Mike Hout on widening educational and economic inequality
  • Margaret Weir on policy formation in an era of political stalemate
  • Irene Bloemraad on how immigration alters the political landscape

Irene Bloemraad is author of Becoming a Citizen: Incorporating Immigrants and Refugees in the United States and Canada (University of California Press 2006) and the forthcoming Being American/Becoming American: Birthright Citizenship, Inequality and Immigrants’ Sense of Belonging, among many other articles and edited books.

Mike Hout is co-author of Century of Difference (Russell Sage 2006),The Truth about Conservative Christians (University of Chicago Press 2006), and Inequality by Design (Princeton University Press 1996), and author of Following in Father's Footsteps: Social Mobility in Ireland (Harvard University Press 1989) as well as many influential articles.

Margaret Weir is co-author of Schooling for All: Race, Class and the Decline of the Democratic Ideal (Basic Books 1985), author of Politics and Jobs: The Boundaries of Employment Policy in the United States (Princeton University Press 1992), and editor of influential books on social policy. Books in progress are Challenging Metropolitan Inequalities (tentative title) and a co-authored book on Risk Pooling and the Political Development of State Health Care Reform.