Natalie Boero (1997)

Assistant Professor of Sociology, San Jose State University

I am currently an assistant professor of sociology at San Jose State University. I teach medical sociology, qualitative research methods and all manner of introductory classes. Since leaving UCB in 2006 I have been working on two books, the first, "Fat Panic: Media, Medicine, and Morals in the American 'Obesity Epidemic'" is forthcoming from Rutgers University Press. The second, co-authored with C.J. Pascoe (also a UCB Sociology alum), "Anas, Mias, and Wannas: Identity and Community in a Pro-ana Subculture", is forthcoming from the University of Michigan Press.  I consider myself fortunate to have found a position in the Bay Area as it allows me to continue to keep in close contact with many of the wonderful people who were such a huge part of my Berkeley Sociology experience and to continue to benefit from the intellectual community at UCB.

Dissertation Title
Killer Fat: Medicine and the Social Construction of the American Obesity Epidemic""
Dissertation Book Title
Fat Panic: Media, Medicine and Morals in the American Obesity Epidemic
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