Pedro Noguera (1981)

Professor of Teaching and Leanring, New York University

My professional goal and desire has been to use the knowledge and skills I have acquired to have an impact upon the issues I care most deeply about - racism, inequality and social justice, in the US and throughout the world. For the past fourteen years I have served as a Professor in Schools of Education; for eleven years at Berkeley and now for three years at Harvard University. In addition to teaching and doing research at the university my quest to have an impact has led me to take on a number of roles in public life. I served as the Assistant to the Mayor of Berkeley (1986-'88), an elected member of the Berkeley School Board (1990-1994), a member of the Centers for Disease Control Task Force on Youth Violence (1994-1996), and as a consultant to numerous NGOs, community based organizations, local and state governments. Though I have not taught in a sociology department since graduating in 1988, the skills and insights I acquired during my years of graduate study at Berkeley have profoundly shaped the questions that motivate my work and the approach that I take as I attempt to intervene in the social world.

Dissertation Title
The Basis of Regime Support in Grenada from 1951 to 1988: A Study of Political Attitudes and Behavior in a Peripheral Society
Dissertation Book Title
The imperatives of power : political change and the social basis of regime support in Grenada from 1951-1991
New York
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