Robert Miller (1967)

Teacher and Researcher. Biography prepared by Joel Best.

Robert William Miller arrived in Berkeley in 1967; he held a fellowship in John Clausen's NIMH Training Program in Social Structure and Personality.  Bob's fellow students appreciated his insights and his wry sense of humor.  He completed his dissertation - an ethnography of elementary school classrooms - in 1975.  He taught at Coe College, and later at Penn State's Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.   Being located close to Three Mile Island made him interested in what he liked to call "man-made disasters."  He joined Missouri's State Department of Health, and studied social responses to and medical effects of the dioxin poisoning of the town of Times Beach.  Bob had struggled with health problems throughout his life, but died suddenly and unexpectedly in 1984.  He was survived by his wife, Jackie, and two sons, Adrian and Aaron.

Dissertation Title
Elementary Schooling