Shirley Hartley (1963)

Emeritus Professor of Sociology, CSU, Hayward

I married Dave Hartley two days after graduating from Berkeley the first time in Business Administration. I worked as a full charge accountant for several years and knew that wasn't what I wanted to do indefinitely. So, after two children and intense volunteer work, I went back to grad school in sociology. It changed my life completely.

I felt fortunate (as an early woman Ph. D.) to be hired at CSUHayward. We had a heavy teaching load, and I taught 25 different courses, introducing many of them to our campus. I managed lots of eclectic research, three books and about 20 articles. I was elected to the Board of the Population Association of America and served on an NIH Research Panel.

Sociology is endlessly exciting, and Berkeley, especially, opened my eyes to learning and the world we live in. Fortunately my husband is also very open and loves to travel. We've visited about 120 countries and also scuba dive world wide. Now, in retirement, we are volunteer mediators in a very active program on Maui, and I am active in the art community, painting Plein-aire in oils and have been featured artist in several shows.

We currently live on Maui most of the time, travel about three months a year and return to the S. F. Bay Area two to five times a year for short reunions with family and friends. We started a travel website, but were travelling too much to keep it updated.

Dissertation Title
Comparative Differences and Changes in Levels of Illegitimacy
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