The Sociology Department has recently been granted a generous $100,000 donation by alumna Suava Zbierski-Salameh


Berkeley Sociology creates endowment to honor Professor Emeritus Michael Burawoy


UC Berkeley's Sociology Department recently received a $100,000 gift from alumna Suava Zbierski-Salameh(link is external) to establish an endowment to support students in honor of Michael Burawoy(link is external), who retired earlier this year after 47 years of teaching, research and contributions to Berkeley and sociology throughout the world. 

Burawoy, whose academic journey began at the University of Cambridge, went on to profoundly impact the field of sociology. His influence is evident from the bustling corridors of UC Berkeley to the global stages of the American Sociological Association and International Sociological Association, where he served as president.

“I’ve been so privileged to work with so many students, who are not just talented and imaginative, but humane and committed like Suava – students who have gone on to great accomplishments,” Burawoy said. “This generous gift from Suava will help future generations continue the fine traditions of Berkeley Sociology(link is external).” 

By : Kenny Ma


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Thank you for your generous donation Suava Zbierski-Salameh, and congratulations Michael Burawoy!