Vivek Chibber. Erik Olin Wright and Anti-Capitalism Today

Blumer Room - 402 Social Sciences Building

Erik Olin Wright's last book was published at a time when socialist ideas had once again entered the mainstream of American politics.  In many ways, his recommendations for anti-capitalist strategy built upon his work of the past four decades, but in others, they were a departure from it.  In this talk I offer an appreciation and assessment of his argument.  I suggest that while Wright's argument was characteristically bracing, it represented a turn away from class analysis and, in so doing, turned to a perspective that weakens the very anti-capitalism that he endorsed.


Vivek Chibber  teaches sociology at New York University. He is the author, most recently, of The Class Matrix: Social Theory after the Cultural Turn (Harvard: 2022) and Confronting Capitalism: how World Works and how to Change it (Verso, 2022).