Mary Colwell (1973)

I was an older student with an M.A. in Interdisciplinary Social Science from San Francisco State when I arrived at Berkeley. As a married woman, with a big family, and many years of experience in volunteer work and paid work, I was not in sync with the other students who came in at my time. While I was there, I also worked part-time as the Executive Director of a small philanthropic fund which gave money away both locally and nationally to nonprofit activist organizations working on civil rights, environmental issues, peace, women's issue, and other social justice causes.

Gail Kligman (1973)

Berkeley marked the beginning of an intellectual and professional odyssey that has resonated positively and negatively in all aspects of my life. I transferred to Berkeley from Reed in 1968 for an unforgettable sophomore year, the sociological lessons of which were learned more in the streets than in classrooms. That year and my subsequent years in the department undoubtedly shaped my commitment to studying social change and how people made sense of it in their everyday lives.

Daniel Finnegan (1973)

The Berkeley Sociology Department gave me the freedom to do almost anything I wanted. I wrote my dissertation on the history of physics, studied statistics and the philosophy of science, and ignored mainstream sociology. After graduation I pursued a career as a statistician with minimal links to sociology. I have directed over 250 research projects with total budgets of over a $100 million.

Barbara Worthing-Jones (1973)

Barbara Worthing Jones died on  June 20, 2013. Born in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania in 1948, she died peacefully in her sleep in Richmond California. A graduate of UC Berkeley with a BS in psychology, a MS in Criminology and PhD in Sociology she worked for many years in data analysis and database management. Disabled in 1995 she spent the subsequent years struggling valiantly with severe chronic pain.She was an incredible person with a mind unlike any other. She spent her latter years comforted by her two dogs, Mr. Darcy and Miss Sophie and her husband Larry Jones.


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