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Assistant Professor of Sociology Danny Schneider and his co-author, Associate Professor Kristen Harknett (UCSF) have released a 
Laurie Edelman is the recipient of the ASA Distinguished Scholarly Book Award.  
Zachary Levenson has accepted a tenure-track position in Sociology at the University of North Carolina Greensboro.
Graham Hill has published "Enchanting Self-discipline: Methodical Reflexivity and the Search for the Supernatural in Charismatic Christian Testimonial Practice," in Sociological Theory.  
Katherine Maich has recently accepted a tenure-track position in Labor & Employment Studies at Pennsylvania State University!
Zawadi Rucks Ahidiana has accpeted a tenure-track position at SUNY Albany Sociology
Michel Estefan has been selected as a mentor for the 2018 SMART mentoring program.
Michel Estefan has been chosen as a fellow to participate at Stanford's Hoover Archives Winter Workshop on Authoritarianism and Democratic Breakdown from January 21 to Feb 1
Joshua Seim has accepted a tenure-track position at USC Sociology and will begin this August!
Skyler Wang has won a $105,000 Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program—Doctoral Scholarship for "Sharing' bodies in the sharing economy: the hidden costs of couchsurfing"
Zachary Levenson has published an article, "The road to TRAs is paved with good intentions: Dispossession through delivery in post-apartheid Cape Town," in the journal Urban Studies.
Alinaya Fabros has been awarded a Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Fellowship for her dissertation research "The Making of a Transnational Workforce: An Intergenerational Ethnography of Global Labor Circulation, 1974-2016." Her research has previously been supported by the Institute for International Studies (IIS) and the American Association of University Women (AAUW).
Sunmin Kim receives Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship from Massachusetts Historical Society.
Benjamin Shestakofsky's article, "Working Algorithms: Software Automation and the Future of Work," published in Work and Occupations.
Benjamin Shestakofsky receives research grant from the Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy    
Katy Fox-Hodess has published a paper, "(Re-)Locating the Local and National in the Global: Multi-Scalar Political Alignment in Transnational European Dockworker Union Campaigns," in the British Journal of Industrial Relations
We received the sad new that Neil Smelser, one of Berkeley's greatest and most famous sociologists, passed away on Monday.  You can read tributes from alumni and colleagues here:
Zachary Levenson has publised a co-authored article with  Sam Ashman and Trevor Ngwane, "South Africa's ANC: The Beginning of the End?" in Catalyst 1(2):75-106.
2017–18 American Fellow Zawadi Ahidiana 2017–18 American Fellow Zawadi Ahidiana
Zachary Levenson has published review essay on Matthew Desmond and Mitch Duneier in the British Journal of Sociology