News & Events

Charlie Eaton (PhD, 2016) began a Postdoctoral Scholar position in the Stanford Graduate School of Education this fall. 
PhD Camdidate Manuel Rosaldo published his paper "Revolution in the Garbage Dump: The Political and Economic Foundations of the Colombian Recycler Movement, 1986-2011" in Social Problems. 
Professor Neil Fligstein and PhD Candidate Alex Roehrkasse published their paper "The Causes of Fraud in the Financial Crisis of 2007 to 2009: Evidence from the Mortgage-Backed Securities Industry" in American Sociological Review.  
PhD Candidate Tanya Jones is in residence at Dartmouth College in its Program in African and African American Studies this academic year as the recipient of the Thurgood Marshall Dissertation Fellowship. While at Dartmouth, she will complete her dissertation, “Health Equity for the Millennium: The Scaling-up of the Community-based Health and Planning Initiative in Ghana," which explores the implementation of a community-based health policy in Ghana over a 15-year period. 
Professor Cihan Tuğal has published The Fall of the Turkish Model: How the Arab Uprisings Brought Down Islamic Liberalism (Verso, 2016).
Professor Martín Sánchez-Jankowski has published Burning Dislike: Ethnic Violence in High Schools (2016, University of California Press).  Violence in schools has more potential to involve large numbers of students, produce injuries, disrupt instructional time, and cause property damage than any other form of youth violence. Burning Dislike is the first book to use direct observation of everyday violent interactions to explore ethnic conflict in high schools. Why do young people engage in violence while in school? What is it about ethnicity that leads to fights?
PhD Candidate Zawadi Rucks-Ahidiana has published a paper in American Journal of Cultural Sociology. Cultural implications of historical exclusion for the racial wealth gap: How ideal financial behavior varies by race
Professor Cihan Tugal was awarded the ASA Section on Political Sociology's Artcicle or Chapter Award Honorable Mention for his 2015 paper, "Political Articulation: The Structured Creativity of Parties." (co-authored with Cedric de Leon and Manali Desai and published in Building Blocs: How Parties Organize Society)
Professor Daniel Schneider was awarded the ASA Labor and Labor Movements Distinguished Scholarly article Award for his 2014 paper, "Marrying Ain't Hard When You Got a Union Card? Labor Union Membership and First Marriage." (co-authored with Adam Reich, publishedin Social Problems 61(4): 625-643)   
Berkeley Graduate Students have won multipe awards for their research at this year's Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association in Seattle.
PhD student Caleb Scoville has published a paper on ecological citizenship theory, "George Orwell and ecological citizenship: moral agency and modern estrangement," in the journal Citizenship Studies.  Abstract:
Research co-authored by Berkeley PhD Candidate Rachel Wetts on the role of race in white voters' support for the Tea Party was featured in a Washington Post article last week. Read the article here:  
Berkeley graduate students Christopher Herring, Manuel Rosaldo, Josh Seim, and Benjamin Shestakovsky published a paper in the journal Teaching Sociology on teaching social theory ethnographically, an alternative to the more traditional survey approach, based on their experiences GSI'ing for Michael Burawoy's Soc 101/102 social theory sequence for undergraduates. Read the paper here:
Berkeley Sociology graduate student, Elizabeth McKenna, explores the connection between Brazil's recent, relative economic decline and the rise in national concern over corruption in the new issue of the Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies.
Rebecca Elliot (Berkeley PhD 2016) will join the faculty at the London School of Economics and Political Science. 
Roi Livne (Berkeley PhD, 2016) will join the Sociology Department at the University of Michigan in Fall 2016 as an assistant professor. 
Edwin Ackerman (Berkeley PhD 2016) will join the Sociology Department at Syracuse University in Fall 2016 as an assistant professor. 
PhD Candidate Josh Seim published his paper, "Short-timing: The carceral experience of soon-to-be-released prisoners," in Punishment and Society.
Four Berkeley graduate students have been awarded 2016 Graduate Research Fellowships from the National Science Foundation: Joe LaBriola, Allison Logan, Sarah Payne, and Michaeljit Sandhu. Congratulations also to Trinel Torian, whose proposal received an honorable mention.  
PhD Candidate Orestes (Pat) Hastings has published his paper, "Not a lonely crowd? Social connectedness, religious service attendance, and the spiritual but not religious," in Social Science Research.