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Yan Long has received the 2019 Best Article Award from the ASA Political Sociology section and Best Research Paper Award from the ASA Asian American section
Caleb Scoville has won the 2019 Marvin E. Olsen Student Paper Award from the ASA Environmental Sociology section for, "Constructing Environmental Compliance: Law, Science, and the Morality of Endangered Species Conservation in California’s Delta."
Yan Long has received the 2019 Best Article Award from the ASA Sociology of Development section.
Yan Long has received the 2019 Best Scholarly Article Award from the ASA Global and Transnational Sociology  section.
Yan Long receives the 2019 Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Article Award from the ASA Collective Behavior and Social Movements section for "The Contradictory Impact of Transnational AIDS Institutions on State Repression in China, 1989–2013."
Andy Scott Chang has won the 2019 ASA Section on Global and Transnational Sociology Award for Best Graduate Student Paper for “Producing the Self-Regulating Subject: Liberal Protection in Indonesia’s Migration Infrastructure.” Pacific Affairs 91(4):695-716.  
Professor John Lie discusses gender and K-Pop in Asia Times.
Johnson-Hanks discusses changes in US birth rates in NY Times
Michel Estefan has received the Reinhard Bendix Memorial Fellowship for 2019-2020 from the Institute of International Studies.
Caleb Scoville receives 2019 Mike Synar Research Fellowship from the Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley.
2019-2020 BERKELEY EMPIRICAL LEGAL STUDIES  (BELS) GRADUATE FELLOWS from Berkeley Sociology: David Showalter “Formal and Informal Social Control in a Remote California Town”
Santiago Molina has been awarded a National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Award for the project  "Institutionalizing Standards in Clinical Genome Editing” advised by Marion Fourcade.
Politifact consults Prof. Schneider on economic precarity: An unexpected $400 expense would be damaging for many, but Kamala Harris overstates report’s finding