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Liv Duesund

Project Scientist, Phd
Curriculum Vitae

Research Collaborations UC Berkeley and Norwegian Academic Institutions.

Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study, Special Advisor

Visiting Student Program

Research projects 2019 - 2024

- Liv Duesund Research projects 2019 - 2024

October 2023 UPDATED OVERVIEW disruptive behavior RESEARCH

- Student involvement Skillful Coping

October 2023 UPDATED OVERVIEW skillful coping RESEARCH


Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study

- 220 projects in total II PEDER SATHER CENTER  for Advanced Study Annual Report June 2020

- Peder Sather Center info Update

- Peder Sather Center ten year anniversary Speech from prime minister of Norway, Jonas Gahr Stoere



Peder Sather anniversary images:

Ingrid Sogner, Director of Department of Research, and Innovation University of Oslo; Akasemi Newsome, Executive Director Peder Sather Center; Liv Duesund, Special Advisor Peder Sather Center; Trond Petersen, Academic Director Peder Sather Center; Åse Gornitzka, Vice Rector University of Oslo; Annette K. Servan, Senior Advisor for International Affairs,  University of Bergen; Linda Rugg, Associate Vice Chancellor of Research, UC Berkeley; Jan Erik Askildsen, Professor at Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Bergen. Photo by Marcus Edwards.

from left to right: Uio, Akeseme Newsom, Liv Duesund, Trond Petersen, Aase Gorizka, Uib , Linda Rugg, Uib


Liv Duesund Special Advisor Peder Sather Center, Linda Rugg Vice Chancellor UCB

Liv Duesund, Linda Rugg

Aase Gorizka Vice Rector UiO , Jennifer Johnson-Hanks Dean of College of letters and sciences.

from left to right: Aase Gorizka, Jennifer Johnson-Hanks


Anniken Krutnes Norway's Ambassdor to USA, Benjammin E. Herrmalin Executive vice Chancellor UCB

from left to right: Anniken Krutnes, Benjammin E. Herrmalin




Contact Information:


Professor emerita Liv Duesund

Department of Special Needs Education

University of Oslo

Project Scientist Dep.of Sociology

University of California, Berkeley USA

Phone: Norway +47 41497909

USA: +510 604 0995