Diplomas & UCB email address

The ceremonial scroll you receive at Commencement is not an actual diploma, since degrees take several months to process.  Diplomas are distributed by the Office of the Registrar.



  • Diplomas for undergraduates will be mailed automatically.
  • Effective Fall 2011, diplomas for graduates will be mailed automatically.
  • Diplomas are usually available 3.5 months after graduation.
  • Unclaimed diplomas are held for five years, after which they are shredded.




UCB Email Address:


Info provided by Cal Alumni Association:

The alumni email service is a free service provided for all alumni. They will be able to claim and keep the same exact bConnected account they have been using as a student, so that includes their email inbox as well as their Google suite (Drive, Calendar, etc.). To do this, AFTER graduating, they need to visit cal.berkeley.edu, log in with their CalNet ID and passphrase, click the link that says Claim your Berkeley.edu account, and accept the terms and conditions there. 


Here are a couple issues they may come across that have easy explanations:


1. If they attempt to log in while they are still students, they will receive an error and will be told to contact us. Students are not allowed in the site, they are need to wait until after they graduate (or if they never end up graduating, until after they are not considered actively enrolled).

2. If they attempt to log in RIGHT AFTER graduation, they will likely receive the same error message. This means that CalNet has not yet added their alumni affiliations/status to their record, so they are still considered current students and cannot log in.

3. Similarly, even if CalNet has transitioned their records to alumni records, some people (especially grad students) will not be able to log in until their degree information is uploaded into the system and will keep them out of the site.

4. Please note that this service is only available to alumni of full time UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate degree programs. No other individual (visiting scholar, postdoc, etc.) is eligible and they will not be able to log in and claim their address.


Never fear, graduates have a 9 month grace period after leaving campus to claim their accounts. This is always ample time for problems like the ones above to solve themselves (aside from them not being eligible). Please note that even AFTER they successfully claim their accounts as alumni, CalNet will continue to send them termination emails as this refers to all other services that use CalNet Authentication except their email account as long as they have claimed it.


If your graduates ever have any questions about the alumni email service, please do not hesitate to direct them the same email address your're getting this email from, atcal@alumni.berkeley.edu.