Diplomas & UCB email address

The ceremonial scroll you receive at Commencement is not an actual diploma, since degrees take several months to process.  Diplomas are distributed by the Office of the Registrar.



  • Diplomas for undergraduates will be mailed automatically to the diploma mailing address in Cal Central
  • Effective Fall 2011, diplomas for graduates will be mailed automatically.
  • Diplomas are usually available 4 months after the end of graduation term.
  • Unclaimed diplomas are held for five years, after which they are shredded.


Accessing Electronic Diplomas


Certified electronic diplomas (CeDiplomas) are available beginning with the Spring 2020 graduating class and will be ready for download when paper diplomas are mailed. View the CeCredential Overview page for instructions on how to access it.


UCB Email Address:

You can register with @cal after graduation and click the link that reads Claim your Berkeley.edu account! The address will remain the same, nothing in your account will change, and the process is fast and easy. More information here.