Transcripts & Degree Verification


Transcripts reflecting final grades will be posted to official transcripts three to four weeks after the last day of final examinations. Transcripts showing degrees attained will be available approximately three months after the end of the term in which the degree was conferred. Information about the availability of transcripts and how to order transcripts and diplomas may be found at

Please click here for transcripts. 


Proof of degree completion before degrees are posted:


Students enrolled in classes in Spring 2021 and on the Spring 2021 degree list (graduating in May 2021) may complete an Expedited Degree Check-out Form to ask for a quick review and completion of their degree due to VISA application deadlines, military commission deadlines and the Teach for America program deadline. This form is a request and it does not guarantee that the completion of your degree will be expedited. Every request will be evaluated to its merit. The earliest the form can be submitted is May 14 for Spring degrees. Several offices are involved in the degree approval process so please consider that it may take up to three weeks before a degree can be posted after all grades have been received. If you have questions regarding the Expedited Degree Check-out Form, please email the appropriate staff contact below and they will be able to assist you. If you are not registered for classes in Spring 2021, please scroll down to see instructions for Non-Registered Students or contact the staff listed below.

If you are graduating from the College of Letters & Science (Last name A–B), Contact Simona Scotti:

If you are graduating from the College of Letters & Science (Last name C–F), College of Engineering, or Rausser College of Natural Resources, contact Vanessa Robbins:

If you are graduating from the College of Letters & Science (Last name G–N) or College of Chemistry, contact Paige Corey:

If you are graduating from the College of Letters & Science (Last name O–Z), Haas School of Business or the College of Environmental Design, contact Grace Padua:

The turnaround time is a minimum of three weeks for processing due to the number of offices that need to clear requirements. 

If you need to prove you graduated after the degree is posted, you can request a transcript or a degree verification. 


Non-registered students who need proof of graduation (before the end of the term) can submit a request for a Certificate of Completion via email. Check the list above for the appropriate staff contact.

The release of this certificate requires that all requirements for graduation are fulfilled. 

Please allow our staff up to 10 business days to complete your request and mail the paper certificate to you.