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Ongoing review for a Berkeley Sociology lecturer pool.

Sociology Undergraduate Anthony Williams has a short piece in the November 2015 issue of Sex and Gender News (p. 10), the newsletter  for the Sex & Gender Section of the American Sociological Association.  Williams reflects on his experience doing public sociology on Twitter and on starting the Twitter hashtag #masculinitysofragile.
BERKELEY SOCIOLOGY FORUM Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 5-7.30p.m., 402 Barrows Hall Seeing Like a Rover: How Robots, teams, and Images Craft knowledge of Mars
PhD Candidate Rebecca Elliott was awarded the ASA Section on Environment & Technology's 2015 Marvin E. Olsen Student Paper Award for her paper titled, "Conflicted Calculations: Climate Change and the Mapping and Pricing of Flood Risk in New York City."
Last year Professor Irene Bloemraad was one of only a dozen scholars appointed to a National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine expert panel on immigrant integration in the United States. Last week the NAS released their report: See also:
Karen Barkey will be joining Berkeley Sociology in July, 2016 as the Haas Distinguished Chair in Religious Diversity. Professor Barkey is a major figure in comparative and historical sociology, whose work on the Ottoman Empire illuminates how empires have managed ethnic and religious difference in comparative and historical perspective. Her works include: Bandits and Bureaucrats: The Ottoman Route to State Centralization (Cornell University Press, 1999) and Empire of Difference: The Ottomans in Comparative Perspective (Cambridge University Press, 2008).
BERKELEY SOCIOLOGY FORUM Wednesday, September 30, 2015, 5-7.30p.m., 402 Barrows Hall The Scholar Denied: W.E.B. Du Bois and the Birth of Modern Sociology
Congratulations to our recent PhDs who are starting postodoctoral fellowships this year! Angela Fillingim (2015), UC President's Postdoc for Criminal Law & Society at UC-Irvine Malgorzata  Kurjanska (2015),  Harvard Academy of Scholars for International and Area Studies Postdoc Trinh Tran (2015), C3 Post-Doctoral Fellow in Sociology, Middlebury College 
Congratulations to our recent PhDs who are starting their first tenure track jobs this year! Gabriel Hetland (2015), Department of Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Studies, University at Albany Barry Eidlin (2012),  Department of Sociology, McGill University Manata Hashemi (2012),  Farzaneh Family Assistant Professor of Iranian Studies, Department of International and Area Studies, Oklahoma University
PhD student Joy Hightower was awarded the Sex and Gender Section Sally Hacker Graduate Student Paper Award at the annual meetings of the American Sociological Association in August for her paper titled, "Producing Desirable Bodies: Boundary work in a Lesbian Niche Dating Site." Congratulations Joy!
PhD student Gowri Vijayakumar received two awards at the American Sociological Association meetings in August.
Sociology Graduate Student Orestes “Pat” Hastings has been awarded the 2015 Robert J. McNamara Student Paper Award by the Association for the Sociology of Religion for "Not a Lonely Crowd? Social Connectedness, Religious Attendance, and the Spiritual But Not Religious.'' Congratulations Pat!
Sociology Graduate Student Andrei Boutyline has been awarded the ASA Mathematical Sociology Section's 2015 Graduate Student Paper Award for  “Detecting Shared Cultural Schemas with Correlational Class Analysis: Theory and Methodology.”  Congratulations Andrei!
Professor Kristin Luker was awarded the ASA Sociology of Sexualities Section's 2015 Simon-Gagon Lifetime Achievement Award.
Cristina Mora, Assistant Professor of Sociology, was awarded the ASA Section on Latina/Latino Sociology's 2015 Distinguished Contribution to Research Article Award for "Cross-Field Effects and Ethnic Classification: The Institutionalization of Hispanic Panethnicity, 1965-1990."  American Sociological Review 79(2): 183-210.
Sociology Department Chair Mara Loveman was awarded the ASA Section on Global and Transnational Sociology's 2015 Best Scholarly Book Award for National Colors: Racial Classiciation and the State in Latin America (Oxford, 2014).  Professor Loveman also received the Sociology of Racial and Ethnic Minorities Section’s 2015 Oliver Cromwell Cox Book Award and the Section on Political Sociology Section's 2015 Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Award for her volume.
The Family Section of the American Sociological Association awarded its Best Publication Award to Professor Trond Peterson for his paper, “From Motherhood Penalties to Husband Premia: The New Challenge for Gender Equality and Family Policy, Lessons from Norway” (American Journal of Sociology, 2014) at this year's Annual Meeting in Chicago.  
The Family Section of the American Sociological Association awarded its Distinguished Career Award to Arlie Hochschild, Emeritus Professor, at this year's Annual Meeting in Chicago.  
Dr. Brian Powers was selected as a recepient of the 2015 American Cultures Innovatin in Teaching Award for his courses "Principles of Sociology," "The Sociology of Education," and "Senior Seminar in the Theory and Practice of Inclusive Schooling: Racial Diversity, English-Language Learners, and Students with Disability."   This award is given to faculty whose teaching significantly enhances students' learning in the AC classroom.
Christopher Muller has been awarded the 2015 Dissertation Award by the American Sociological Association for his dissertation, "Historical Origins of Racial Inequality in Incarceration in the United States."  Dr. Muller will join the Department of Sociology at UC Berkeley in 2016 as an Assistant Professor, after completing a Robert Wood Johnson Health and Society Scholars Post-doctoral Fellowship at Columbia.  Congratulations Chris!  
Since 1955, graduate students of the Berkeley Sociology Department have annually published the Berkeley Journal of Sociology to "[challenge] social science to confront the crises of the world with intellectual creativity, theoretical competence, and historical awareness.” At a time when few professional journals accepted work from graduate students and junior faculty, the BJS served as an important venue for rising generations of scholars. Some of the the foremost sociologists of the 20th century have appeared in the journal, among them C.